The Perfect Apartment Surface

Hey everyone!

This week I have something really amazing to share with you! While doing my normal scrolling through Instagram, I came across this amazing product called Replica Surfaces! I immediately reached out to Mandy, the creator behind Replica Surfaces, and had to get some of these beautiful backdrops to share with you all.

So what are Replica Surfaces? They are hyper-realistic, high resolution images that are printed on sturdy boards that replicate real textures like marble, wood, concrete, etc.  They are available in all different types of surfaces like, white marble, shiplap, concrete, rose marble, and so much more! The surfaces are 23” x 23”, which is a nice size for flat lays and product portraits. Of course my first instinct was to use these for my plant collection! Keep reading to see my full review and images on how I used my Replica Surfaces!


I received both the concrete and white marble backdrops, which I think works really well with plants. To test this product out, I decided to replant my recovering Alocasia ‘silver dragon’.

I’m using the concrete surface in this example.

Example Tutorial:

Re-Potting my Alocasia ‘Silver Dragon’



Replica Stands are for holding any two Replica Surfaces in an L-configuration

Replica Stands are for holding any two Replica Surfaces in an L-configuration

Stands, White Marble and Concrete

Stands, White Marble and Concrete

My Thoughts:


I really enjoyed how consistent the imagery looks. The concrete gives the images a little lift without being over powering. Also, it really looks like a smooth slab of concrete! The grey color is a perfect neutral tone, so there wasn’t a lot of post editing needed. The white marble photographed like a dream even from my phone. It appeared to be high quality white marble. I can’t wait to experiment more with that surface! Both were non-glare with a beautiful matte finish.


Making a mess on this surface was no problem. The dirt came off easily and swiftly and didn’t leave a stain or residue behind. The boards themselves are durable unlike a lot of wrinkly backdrops I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of working with. I love that I don’t need to unroll it or iron it. It’s always ready to use.


This is where it might get tricky for some. I have a bunch of photo equipment and materials for work, so I’m use to finding storage space for items around the apartment. Since these are sturdy boards, I think you could get away with storing them in a closet, or if you are in an apartment with limited space, maybe you can store behind furniture since they are slim enough. They are 23” x 23” x 3mm thick.

Final Thoughts

I really love how versatile these surfaces are. I can use them for tutorials, plant portraits and especially for photos here on the blog. I like the stands and the option to turn the boards into both a surface and backdrop. I’m looking forward to future surface options, and I would also love to see them offered in larger sizes!


I hope you enjoyed this product review of Replica Surfaces! Let me know in the comments below if this is something you would use and if there are more products you want me to to test out!


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