Do you do collaborations?

Yes! Please email me at

Do you sell you plants?

No, I currently don’t sell or intend on selling my plants.

Can you take a cutting of your plant and send it to me?

Again this is a no. I never like to cut my plants unless I have to. Most of my cuttings end up with friends and family first. If I ever to intend to sell a cutting you would hear about it on instagram first.

Can I visit the apartment?

Outside friends and family, no you can’t without a legitimate and agreed upon reason like and interview or use of the apartment for photography which would include a fee.

Can you re home your plants to me?

Most of my re-homed plants end up with family and friends.

Can I use your images to sell my plants, instagram or website?

No, you can’t use any of my imagery with out my written consent and approval.

I want to hire you as an INFLUENCEr? do you have rates?

Yes, please send an email to for rates and to discuss your intentions further.