"The Sustainable House" - The 3D Process 

This is how the majority of my work starts out- as a digital sculpture

There is something very attractive to me about the idea of creating the organic in a very non- organic way. It is very ironic using all these technological processes to create an organic form

Here are some test example images I created for the stand part of "The Sustainable House," in the program, SolidWorks

I really enjoy playing with the program mainly because it is a program designed for solid geometric shapes and has a true engineering background. I like to push the limits and create organic shapes yet still make a functional stand for the glass tank to sit on.

This is a process I take that gives me a good idea on my end result.

This helps me see all points of view before I go forward and mill the piece

I also now have a better idea of what the shape of the tank will be like

I was really attracted to this shape mainly because i had reminded me of a sea slug

At the time I had been studying a lot about various marine life and had a sea slug in my studio tank